3 Causes for Tree Death

Learn How to Protect Your Tree and Avoid a Radical Tree Service

Trees in Atlanta, GA regularly face adverse environmental conditions over their lifetime. High temperatures and prolonged rainless periods of time often put an immense stress on our trees. Add to that the various problems that are being caused by human activity, and you have trees dying. It is crucial that we pay close attention to our trees so that we can take action as soon as the first signs of problems appear. There are many professional tree service providers that have the knowledge, experience, and tools to save your tree. All you have to do is contact them on time.

Here’s a list with some of the most common causes for tree death

a dead treeInsufficient Water
Lack of water is one of the most common causes for damage to a perfectly healthy tree. Although large, mature trees can tolerate drought for short periods of time, but when it comes to newly planted or your trees, they won’t survive the summer heat without proper watering practices. You should know that water that is adequate for lawns is usually not enough for growing trees. Consult with a professional tree service provider to determine how much water your trees actually need during the summer season.

Excess of Water
Going from extreme to another – from not watering your tree properly to dawning it every single day – is not a good idea. Tree roots require oxygen in order to develop properly. The oxygen has a very hard time to reach the roots if the soil above them is saturated with water. Roots that don’t receive enough oxygen will soon stop growing, leaves will start falling, and the tree will slowly die. Unfortunately, tree roots that have been severely damaged are less likely to recover.

Extreme heats can severely injure a tree. When temperatures exceed 100 degrees, the water evaporates faster than the tree can actually pump. Even if the soil is moist, the tree roots won’t have the ability to pump as much water as the tree may require to survive.

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