Want a Tree That Has Foliage All Year Round?

Why a Professional Tree Service Recommends Evergreen Trees

evergreen treeEvergreen trees retain their foliage all year round, instead of losing their leaves each year as most deciduous trees do. There are various different kinds of evergreens and some come with more advantages than other deciduous trees. Most tropical trees are evergreens and are very common in more temperate climates. However, in colder climates, evergreens are still present but rarer.

Also, as any professional tree service will tell you, evergreens do not need as much work. Deciduous trees need a lot of nutrients come the springtime, as this is when they will start to sprout new leaves. Evergreens, however, will conserve their energy and nutrients by growing new foliage slowly all year round, which is a distinct advantage in regions where nutrients are not as abundant, an evergreen can withstand tough seasons, while deciduous trees will not. The leaves will also offer more insulation for the tree, stopping the likes of frost and sun damaging the trunk and branches. Also, evergreens fertilize themselves, this is due to their nutrient-rich leaves, which acts also as a mulch to protect their roots.

Some evergreens grow new foliage all the time, and its older foliage drops off each time it is displaced. Others come with slower growth rates, and will only lose their leaves periodically. With every case, the foliage stays green and crisp all year round. Come spring, new growth looks almost yellow. Many evergreens have leaves shaped like needles, this is to conserve water, and some evergreens come with slightly waxy foliage, this helps prevent evaporation through its leaves.

Conifers are all evergreens, as are eucalyptus, rhododendrons, hollies, and some oak species. As you can see from these instances, evergreen trees come in different shapes and sizes. They can be seen worldwide, ranging from the Australian outback to the lush forests in South America.

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